Seawall - Bike Path


The Seawall path is wonderful.

However, for years their has been a strange odour on the path, just east of where the Carral path join, roughly at the west end of the Concord Pacific building. the smell is something like roasted-with-a-hint-of-sewer-gas. I've tried to look into it, but always have trouble figuring out who to contact.

The casino needs to be removed from the waterfront. No buildings should be right up against the waterfront, especially a casino where people are smoking, drunk, constantly walking across the path. The parking lot and building area can be turned into a nice park. The area past Cambie bridge near Roundhouse Community Centre also needs to be fixed to allow for biking through without having to maneuver through pedestrians unaware of the bike path.

The city should consider adding another live aboard Civic Marina in this area. Give people an opportunity at affordable housing on the water - the live aboard moorage wait list at Heather Civic and Burrard Civic are years and years deep.

Living on a boat is far more cost effective than the lofty condo prices that are completely out of reach to the average income earner. Please consider this opportunity during redevelopment!